Woman Snatched Off Street And Forced To Let Crooks Plunder Bank Account

This is the terrifying moment two thugs bundle a woman into the back of a car as she screams for help before being forced to let them plunder her bank account using her mobile phone banking app.

CCTV footage of the snatch shows two men grabbing the woman off the street in Sosnovoborsk. Central Russia as she shouts ‘Niet’, or ‘No’, while passersby ignore her.

As she struggles to break free the men force her into the back seat and lock the door behind her before driving off as the footage ends.

Local media reported that the men stole RUB 15,000 (GBP 128) in cash from her bag and a further RUB 32,000 (GBP 273) from her bank account through her mobile phone app.

Two unknown people kidnapped a woman right on the street for money. In Sosnovoborsk, Russia, undated. Criminal investigation officers quickly tracked down the thieves. (@mvd_24/Newsflash)

The city’s Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs said the suspects were tracked down and arrested after the robbery in January.

Both men, who have not been named, are facing kidnapping and robbery charges.