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About Us

Viral Tab is a company that is part of the Fourth Estate Alliance, a UK based NGO that operates a project aimed at supporting the work of freelance journalists by providing editorial and software services.

The Fourth Estate Alliance helps freelancers to work together, forming small agencies to offer a more professional and closer working relationships with media partners.

Viral Tab is a news portal created for freelance journalists to showcase their work when it is published elsewhere – and at the same time to provide them with news about the industry.

All of the unpublished reports which are provided by journalists that were not published elsewhere are published in color, and our industry news for freelance journalists is published in black-and-white.

This new site makes no judgment on the subjects covered by freelance journalists that choose to exhibit their work here, as long as they are independently chosen news items and not PR, native advertising, or in any other way stories which have a hidden agenda.

All of the stories in color are available for purchase or follow-up, and you simply need to write to us on the contact form including a link to the story, and the freelance contributor concerned will get in touch.

Any stories that are sold are removed from our site and the new location where they are published is then embedded into our network, meaning all views will go to the new partner.

If you are a professional freelance journalist that wants to become part of our network or if you simply want to make a submission, please write to us using the contact form.

Our Team

All of our news items are written by professional journalists and are carefully checked by sub-editors.

Profiles of our team members are held on the “journo-lists” website which catalogs journalists published work in one place, and includes a possibility to contact individuals with questions or queries.

Our permanent editorial team not including freelancers currently includes:


  • Joseph Golder
  • Marija Stojkovska – General News
  • William McGee – Spanish Portuguese



  • Veronika Zlokutkina – Ukraine / Russian news
  • Alice Thomas – Spanish news
  • Georgina Jedikovska – German / Macedonian
  • Thomas Hochwater – German
  • Simona Kitanovska – General News reporter
  • Ana Lacasa Martines – Spanish / Italian
  • Feza Uzay – Turkish, Russian news
  • Arian Movelianu – Romanian / Russian


30 St George’s Place
 CT1 1UT
 Phone number: +436763906291