Mum Streams 8yo Daughter Being Abused On FB

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A mother has been arrested after live streaming her boyfriend sexually abusing her eight-year-old daughter on Facebook.

The video allegedly shows her boyfriend, named only as Jose Luis N., lying naked on the bed while the little girl moves her hand up and down his penis.

Ana Gabriela Velasco Perez, of the municipality of Chalco in the central Mexican state of Mexico, said she accidentally pressed the wrong button and it went out live on the social media network where horrified viewers saw it and told the child’s natural father who called the cops.

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The child has now been taken into care by social services and is reportedly receiving psychological counselling.

Velasco Perez has been arrested and faces child sex abuse charges.

She reportedly told cops she had not intended to transmit the sexual abuse live but to send the video to another of her sexual partners as part of a challenge, the details of which have not been specified.

Jose Luis N. is on the run after fleeing the house but police are looking for him.

Local mayor, Francisco Tenorio Contreras, confirmed the video had been streamed from a house in the deprived Maria Isabel colony of Chalco.

Neighbours of the couple said they believed both were habitual drug abusers. 

According to the Organisation for the Cooperation and Economic Development, Mexico has one of the world’s worst records in terms of sexual abuse and violence against children.

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