Oops Moment Army Helicopter Cuts Up Mexican Flag With Its Rotors In Front Of Huge Crowd

This footage shows the moment a Mexican army helicopter cuts up the national flag in front of a huge crowd during an event after flying too close to it.

The incident took place at Military Field 1-A in the capital Mexico City. On Saturday, 3rd February, during an event that was organised by the Secretariat of National Defence (SEDENA).

The images show three helicopters circling above a huge crowd with one of them flying dangerously close to a gigantic Mexican flag.

Suddenly its blades catch on the billowing flag, shredding bits of it to pieces in front of the stunned crowd as military music plays in the background.

The shredded pieces of red fabric from Mexico’s well-known green, white and red flag then fall on top of some of the spectators.

Helicopter cuts off part of the Mexican flag. In Mexico City, Mexico, Sat. Feb. 3, 2024. No injuries or other damage were reported at the site. (CEN)

Other footage filmed by a spectator shows the incident from a different angle.

Local media reported that there were no injuries during the incident and that the aircraft involved was a Bell 407 helicopter.

SEDENA said on social media that over 8,400 people attended the event. Although it did not mention the incident with the helicopter cutting the national flag to shreds.

Local media reminded readers that the Mexican penal code states. “Anyone who misuses the national shield, insignia or anthem will be subject to three days to one year in prison and a fine of twenty-five to one thousand pesos.”

It is currently unclear if the pilot of the helicopter faces any penalties over the mishap.