Russian Troops Raise Russian Flag On Avdiivka’s City Administration Building

This is the moment Russian soldiers raised their nation’s flag on the building of the city administration in Avdiivka after Ukrainian troops retreated from the battled city.

Video footage obtained by Clipzilla from the Russian Ministry of Defence purportedly shows soldiers from one of the assault units of the ‘Centre’ ripping off the Ukrainian flag and placing their own in its stead.

The ministry said in a statement: “The fighters note that they did not have flags with them during the execution of the combat mission because the group was engaged in clearing liberated buildings.”

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The commander of the assault group with the call sign ‘Artist’ was quoted as saying: “When we entered the administration building in Avdiivka, we asked the command to deliver a flag to us.

“It was handed over to us by air and dropped from a quadcopter.

“When we set up the flag, we felt that it was a historical moment, right down to the goosebumps.”