Cop And Teen Daughter Gunned Down In Shootout With Gang

This is the shocking moment an off-duty police officer and his 19-year-old student daughter are killed in a shootout with three masked gunmen in Brazil.

Security CCTV footage of the gun battle shows the trio surrounding the officer’s car in Vila Medeiros, Sao Paulo, on 24th February, at around 5:15 am.

Corporal Anderson de Oliveira was off duty and waiting for his wife in front of a pharmacy with his daughter Alycia Peroni Valentim in the car.

The footage shows the three gunmen approaching the vehicle and apparently preparing to rob the pharmacy.

They can be seen gesturing to de Oliveira, apparently indicating that he should remain in the vehicle.

But he gets out of the car and draws his firearm, with the trio then opening fire on him and him returning fire as they flee.

De Oliveira tries to give chase but quickly falls to the ground, clutching his stomach, as the footage ends.

Alycia Perroni Valentim poses in undated photo. She killed along with her father. In Vila Medeiros, Brazil. (CEN)

Inside the car, reports local media, his daughter had been caught in the crossfire and both she and her father died later from gunshot wounds.

Police have since tracked down the car used as a getaway vehicle and reportedly identified the three suspects through fingerprints and DNA.

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They were named by police as Douglas Henrique Pereira de Jesus, 30. Erivaldo Aparecido de Lima, 46 and 27-year-old Diego Damasceno dos Santos.

A court has ordered their arrest. It was unclear at the time of writing if the suspects had been seized.

Anderson de Oliveira Valentim was a corporal in the 3rd Company of the 7th Military Police Battalion. His daughter, Alycia Perroni Valentim, was a law student.

Anderson Valentim poses in undated photo. He killed along with his daughter. In Vila Medeiros, Brazil. (CEN)

The Military Police mourned Anderson’s death, saying. “The police-military family regrets, with deep regret. The loss of our companion, after an attempted robbery.

“The Police Officer part of the 3rd Company of the 7th BPM/M and always acted with dedication and love for the public cause. Not measuring efforts to preserve lives by fulfilling the oath to protect society.”