Pitch Arrest Of Footballer Who ‘Ran Drugs Assassin Clan’

This is the moment the police officers arrest a footballer accused of being the boss of a drugs clan in the middle of a match in Brazil.

The 24-year-old suspect was seized during a home match for Esporte Clube in Mutum, Minas Gerais State, on 3rd March.

Video footage of the bust shows the player, who has not been named. Being led off the pitch in handcuffs by heavily armed police officers in front of shocked spectators.

An arrest warrant issued by the Laranja da Terra Court identifies him as the suspected head of a drug trafficking clan in Espirito Santo.

Photo shows the moment a man, 24, was arrested. In Minas Gerais, Brazil, during an amateur football match, on Sunday, March 03, 2024. He was arrested for drug trafficking. (CEN)

He is also accused of being part of an assassination clan in Vitoria who masterminded an attempted hit on a rival on 4th February.

The Military Police in Minas Gerais told local media that the man had a long police record for assault, threats. Drug trafficking and firearms offences.

He is being held at Minas Gerais prison under preventive arrest.

The investigation is ongoing.