Choking Boy Saved By Quick-Thinking Mum Who Uses Heimlich Manoeuvre On Him

This footage shows a quick-thinking mother performing the Heimlich manoeuvre on her choking son and saving his life.

The Heimlich manoeuvre, also known as abdominal thrusts, is a first-aid technique that involves applying pressure to the abdomen in a series of thrusts in a bid to clear a choking person’s windpipe.

The incident took place in a family home in the city of Nantong, which is located in Jiangsu province, in eastern China on the coast, when a young boy’s grandma was putting on his trousers while he was lying on the floor.

Second before grandmother calls boy’s mother for help when she noticed the child got something stuck in throat in Nantong, China. (120282627/AsiaWire)

The footage shows the boy beginning to choke after reportedly swallowing a paperclip. The boy’s grandmother, who has not been named, can be seen panicking and calling for help but the young boy’s mother, who has not been named either, can be seen suddenly rushing into the room.

She immediately starts performing the Heimlich manoeuvre on him, causing the child to cry and scream.

After a series of abdominal thrusts performed on the child, who looks to be no older than three or four years old, she takes a look at his mouth to see if he is still choking and the boy appears to indicate that he is.

Boy throws up after mother performed Heimlich manoeuvre in Nantong, China. (120282627/AsiaWire)

She resumes the abdominal thrusts and eventually he appears to vomit on the floor and can be seen breathing freely once again while his worried mother comforts him.

It is currently unclear if the young boy was taken to a hospital for a checkup, but he is believed to have recovered from the ordeal with little to no injuries.