Woman Who Fell From Attic Down Gap Between Houses Was Left Screaming For Help In Darkness For Three Days

This is the moment a young woman who fell all the way from an attic down the gap between houses and ended up screaming for help for three days behind a basement wall is rescued.

The incident took place in the Russian resort city of Sochi. With local media reporting that the unnamed 22-year-old fell between a narrow gap between the walls of the building although it was not clear how many floors she fell to end up behind the cellar wall.

She ended up trapped there in the dark and damp space which the authorities described as a “dungeon”.

She told her rescuers she had called for help for three days before someone finally heard her and she rescued.

The footage shows the rescuers making a hole in the basement wall with a pneumatic drill and reaching the distressed young woman.

Employees of Russian Emergency Situations Ministry rescue a woman who fell from the attic and ended up stuck between two walls in a house. In Sochi, Russia, undated. Her screams attracted the attention of neighbors after three days. (@mchs_official/Newsflash)

Rescuers help the girl out of her spot after reaching her as the footage ends.

Newsflash obtained a statement from the Russian Emergency Situations Ministry dated 19th February saying. “A 22-year-old girl spent three days in a dungeon. It all happened in a four-storey building in Sochi.

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“A local resident heard a woman’s cries for help behind the wall and went down to the basement of the house. As it turned out, the victim fell from the attic and ended up between two walls in the house.

“To get to her, employees of the Southern Regional Search and Rescue Team of the Russian Emergency Situations Ministry had to dismantle part of the brickwork. Rescuers handed the girl over to doctors.”