Poor Dead Cat Found With Nibbled Power Cable In Mouth

Story ByLee Bullen,Sub EditorJoseph Golder,AgencyAsia Wire Report


Picture Credit: AsiaWire/@warnawarnikucing

These shocking images of a dead cat that appears to have been electrocuted after biting into a power cable have been shared online to urge pet owners to keep an eye on their animals around electricity.

The incident took place in an unspecified location in Thailand and the photos were shared on Facebook by netizen ‘Warna Warni Kucing’ where they have been widely circulated.

According to local media, the cat died after nibbling on a power cable on the floor and biting through the protector and into the wires.

Picture Credit: AsiaWire/@warnawarnikucing

‘Warna Warni Kucing’ accompanied the images with the message: “Guys, keep an eye on your pet cats if you really love them. They only know how to play.

“This cat had an electric shock because it bit the wire…”

In the photos, the dead cat is seen lying on the floor with the munched power cable still between its teeth and a small pool of blood by its mouth.

Picture Credit: AsiaWire/@warnawarnikucing

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