Kids Play Wedding Repeated For Real 10 Years Later

Story By: Simon Glover, Sub Editor:Joseph Golder, Agency: Asia Wire Report

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Picture Credit: AsiaWire

These two former classmates snapped here at a play wedding with their teachers have now tied the knot for real 10 years later. 

Lokman Mansor and Alyn Fazira Adzelan have become local online celebrities after a friend posted photographs from both their official and pretend weddings on social media.

Lokman looks much the same a decade on, in the pictures, but Alyn has blossomed from a shy, bespectacled schoolgirl into a beautiful young woman.

The couple, from the town of Tanjung Karang in the Kuala Selangor District of the western Malaysian state of Selangor, have been inseparable since primary school.

Lokman revealed the couple, who became boyfriend and girlfriend at the age of 14, staged their mock wedding at a special dinner to celebrate completing their end-of-year exams when they were 15.

He said: “During the dinner, everyone asked us to pretend to have a wedding. It’s funny to think about it now. Praise be to God, we are now husband and wife.”

The couple staged their official wedding in the city of Petaling Jaya which lies in the western Malaysian state of Selangor, just outside the capital city of Kuala Lumpur.

Lokman recalled how a teacher teased him at school after he discovered a love letter he had written for Alyn but left in his exercise book.

The only time they have been apart was after the Malaysian equivalent of GCSEs when Lokman moved to the city of Ipoh, in the state of Perak, to study while Alyn went to the tiny northernmost state of Perlis.

The photos of their two weddings were posted with the hashtag ‘#10yearschallenge’ in which social media users are invited to post pictures of themselves taken a decade ago together with a recent image.

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