Moment Brave Woman Resists Armed Gunman Trying To Steal Her Expensive Motorbike At Traffic Lights

This is the moment a brave woman in Colombia resists an armed gunman and his accomplices as they try to steal her expensive motorbike at traffic lights.

The incident took place in the Timiza neighbourhood south of Bogota, the Colombian capital, on the afternoon of 16th March, when the crooks tried to steal the woman’s expensive Kawasaki Z1000 motorbike.

The footage shows the woman stopped at the traffic lights on her bike when the armed gunman riding pillion on another motorcycle pulls up beside her, jumps off and points his gun at her, telling her to get off the bike.

She refuses and resists despite him pointing the weapon directly at her.

The crook grabs the handlebars and tries to force her off the bike, but she is having none of it and tries to accelerate. The crook then tries to grab some of her belongings, with them then falling on the ground.

After a short tussle, the gunman gives up and picks up some of the belongings off the ground as he makes to leave.

Thieves try to steal woman’s motorbike. In Bogota, Colombia, undated. The woman was held at gunpoint. (CEN)

Other images showed the scene from a different angle, with the crook walking back over to his own motorbike after having failed to hijack his victim’s two-wheeler.

The video shows how the hijack attempt was well organised, with at least two other bikers involved. With the second video showing them stopped in front of the woman to stop her from getting away.

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But despite the odds, they were unsuccessful in stealing her bike, with local media reporting that the woman biker, who has not been named, later said: “The person who was robbing me started saying ‘kill her, kill her’, hit her hard. I didn’t hear anything at the time until I saw the video.”

The woman then went to the police and filed a complaint with them.

She told local media that the cops told her that the numberplates on the thieves’ motorcycles had been modified and that it would be hard to track them down.

Thieves try to steal woman’s motorbike. In Bogota, Colombia, undated. The woman was held at gunpoint. (CEN)

She said that she then asked the police for greater security on the streets of the Colombian capital.

No arrests had been reported at the time of writing.

Official figures from the Bogota District Secretariat reveal that 353 motorcycles were stolen in the Colombian capital in January alone.