Huge Dark Grey Tornado Rips Through Town In Colorado Destroying Homes And Terrifying Locals

This huge dark grey tornado that reaches high into the sky terrified locals as it drifted across their town destroying homes, upending trees and even killing two cows.

The tornado was caught on video by several terrified locals in Firestone a small town in Weld county located in Colorado at 5.00 pm on Monday (7th June).

In one of the videos of the tornado, which is estimated to have reached 45 metres (150 feet) in width, a man explains that he initially thought that something was on fire outside of his house.

Tornado in Firestone in Colorado on the 8th of June 2021. (@smtayls23/Newsflash)

He says that the dark grey twister looked more like a thick grey plume of smoke than a Tornado at first but then he realised that he was facing a tornado that was moving towards his home.

The man explains that he left in his car and recorded the tornado from a safe distance.

The National Weather Service estimated that the tornado travelled for 11,2 kilometres (7 miles) before evaporating.

Tornado in Firestone in Colorado on the 8th of June 2021. (@smtayls23/Newsflash)

Along its path, it caused havoc destroying two houses entirely and severely damaging several others causing an estimated USD 729,000 (GBP 515,00) in damages.

Local news site Castel Rock News-Press, reports that the tornado also hit a dairy farm and killed two cows whilst ripping the roof of a farm building.

Mark McKinney, a local resident, told Castel Rock News-Press, that his friend called him to warn him about the approaching tornado.

Rough weather and tornado damage between Firestone and Platteville in Colorado in the United States on the 8th of June 2021. (@FesmireRandy/Newsflash)

He told Mckinney, whose age was not disclosed, that the twister was constantly “getting bigger and bigger.”

He added that initially it didn’t look like a tornado but as it got closer to his home it grew rapidly in size and soon it was accompanied by thunder and lighting.

Karyn Weiner, another local resident, said that: “It was terrifying.” adding that her house was directly in the tornado’s path.

A view of the Firestone tornado from the fire station near the sports complex in Colorado in the United States on the 8th of June 2021. (@ump10r/Newsflash)

Her house survived but she says that her outbuildings were ripped to shreds by the strong winds.

Weld County officials summarized the damages caused by the tornado stating that two homes were destroyed, three were severely damaged, a feedlot and a dairy farm were also damaged and several power lines came down.