Russian Villagers Outraged By Phallic-Shaped Christmas Tree

A public Christmas Tree in a far-eastern Russian village has been slammed as “phallic looking” by outraged locals.

The Christmas tree was mounted in the village of Vitim in Lensky district located in the far-eastern Russian republic of Sakha.

According to Ren TV, local residents were annoyed by the allegedly obscene tree and complained to the authorities.

A phallic Christmas tree has been erected and left residents stunned in Sakha Republic, Russia in December 2021. (Aitalina Nikiforova/CEN)

Due to the backlash, the Vitim administration pointed out to local media that the tree is still being worked on and is currently incomplete, specifying that they were going to add extra branches.

A spokesperson told reporters that the tree will soon acquire a more traditional look with the added branches and baubles and decorations.

The spokesperson added “they will hang decorations, more work is underway” and that they will “finish everything by the end of the week”.

Regarding the complaints, the spokesperson said: “We take them all very seriously, both the jokes and those not meant as jokes.”

In 2015, a similar ‘phallic’ tree upset locals in the city of Noyabrsk in northern Russia’s Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Region.

Another bizarre Christmas tree was located next to the central concert hall in the city of Noyabrsk in Northern Russia’s Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Region in 2015. (CEN)

One local, who summed up what most of his neighbours thought about the oddly-shaped spruce, said: “Let’s be honest, it looks more like a penis than a Christmas tree.”

One of the anonymous users of a local online forum said he thought the tree – nicknamed by some as the “Penis-Fir” – was a not-so-subtle hint from local politicians that 2016 would be financially more difficult for residents than 2015.

Local politician Vitaly Milonov thundered: “The tree should be immediately changed. It is entirely inappropriate and looks like a giant penis.”