Good Samaritan Cop Helps Lost Family Of Ducks Reunite With Their Flock At Park Pond

A good Samaritan cop in the USA has helped a family of ducks safely reach the pond after they paid a visit to the police headquarters.

The bodycam video shared on the Facebook page of Sarasota Police Department headquarters, Florida State, USA, shows Sergeant Schafer escorting the flock of ducks to the pond at the nearby Payne Park.

The department said in a statement obtained by Newsflash on Wednesday (29th March): “There’s no such thing as a typical day as a Sarasota Police officer!

“When Sergeant Schafer woke up at the quack of dawn on Tuesday, we don’t think he planned to give a flock of ducks a police escort to the pond at Payne Park.

“It’s okay, he was able to wing it! Next time, he will have to put it on their bill.”

The adorable video was viewed more than 5,200 times by delighted Facebook followers.