HOUSE ABOUT THAT FOR LUCKY? Pilot Crashes Into House And Survives

This is the astonishing moment a light aircraft pilot crashes his plane into a house and he survives.

Footage of the crash shows the single-engined Cessna C-182 coming in low and fast before it smashes into the house.

Aftermath footage – recorded near the rainforest airport in Sao Felix do Xingu, in the state of Para, northern Brazil, on Monday, 6th February – shows the plane as a crumpled heap.

Amazingly the pilot survived but was injured in the smash.

Local media reported that he said he had been trying the land on the runway but was unable to pull up when it was clear he was going to miss.

Another person was injured when they were hit by flying rubble from the house but was released from hospital after treatment.

Picture shows the scene of the plane crash in Sao Felix do Xingu, Brazil, on Monday, Feb. 6, 2023. Two people were injured as a result of the crash. (CEN)

The Regional Service for Investigation and Prevention of Aeronautical Accidents (Seripa) was informed about the crash and are investigating.

There is currently no official information on the possible causes of the accident. The investigation is ongoing.

The C-182 Skylane is an American four-seat, a single-engine light aeroplane built by Cessna.