Girl Sits Up After Clueless Cabbie Runs Her Over

Story by: Scott Feng, Sub-Editor: Francis George, Agency: Asia Wire Report 

                                                        Video Credit: Asia Wire

This shocking footage shows a young girl escaping serious injury and even managing to sit up after a clueless cabbie runs her over and drives away.

CCTV camera footage from outside the Qingfa residential unit in Xining, capital city of north-western China’s Qinghai Province, shows the girl, aged six, squatting down inside a car park and playing by herself.

The black taxi then turns onto the vehicle path and slams into the back of the unsuspecting girl at 9:07am local time on 29th November.

The oblivious cabbie knocks the girl to the ground and runs her over using both front and back wheels on the right side of the car.

The taxi appear to roll over the child’s midriff and thighs before continuing onwards without stopping or slowing down.

Amazingly, the little girl appears unharmed and manages to sit up and watch the cabbie as he drives away completely unaware that he has just driven over a child.

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Picture Credits: Asia Wire

Xining authorities said the victim’s parents called the police, who put out a wanted notice for the cabbie.

The girl was taken to a local children’s hospital, which confirmed that she had fortunately not sustained any serious injuries.

The cabbie turned himself in several hours later and is still being investigated.

According to reports, the child’s parents have not accepted the taxi driver’s apology and want to see him punished according to the law.

John Feng

I am a senior journalist and editor, and have worked for a number of different news agencies over the last decade. I am currently editor-in-chief of the Asia Wire Report news wire.