Hot Pot Brawl Over Girl Sees Chairs Flying

Story by: Scott Feng, Sub-Editor: Francis George, Agency: Asia Wire Report

                                                         Video Credit: Asia Wire

This is the moment a hapless young man gets a savage beating that includes being pelted with chairs crockery and even a serving table because he ate a hotpot with the wrong girl.

The brutal attack on the young man happened at the restaurant in the city of Shantou in South China’s Guangdong Province on 29th November when the girl and two of her friends were spotted sitting at a table with three men by her boyfriend.

The business’s CCTV cameras captured the suspicious boyfriend leaning over his girlfriend to question her with the discussion quickly turning into a fight after he flicked a cigarette at one of the three men on the other side of the table.

Two of the men quickly make their exit, but one of them on the right of the footage stands his ground and ends up being savagely beaten as he refuses to leave, and instead continues to attempt to call somebody on his mobile phone.

The indignant boyfriend meanwhile is joined by pals to back him up who throw furniture and crockery with full force at their victim. He has seven chairs thrown at him in total, including four in a row which he has to bat or kick away.

In the video, customers can be seen leaving their seats as furniture flies.

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Picture Credits: Asia Wire

According to reports, Shantou authorities are investigating the fight, which has cost the restaurant 10,224 RMB – or 1,152 GBP – in damages.The bill will be split between the two fighting parties according to local media.

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