Drunk Falls Under Moving Train Pulling Out Of Station

This is the moment a drunk disappears under a moving train at a station as he falls onto the tracks still clutching a bottle of booze.

Platform CCTV video footage filmed at a station in Grand Bourg, near Buenos Aires, Argentina, shows a group of people squeezing into a packed carriage.

But beside the door, a clearly intoxicated man is leaning heavily on the side of the train holding a bottle.

As the train pulls away he loses his balance and slips between the carriage and the platform down onto the tracks.

Train Station
Photo shows a man who lost his balance and fell on the train tracks at the Grand Bourg station, Buenos Aires, Argentina, undated. He survived the incident without major injuries. (CEN)

Horrified passengers leap off the moving train and try to get it to stop as the footage ends.

Astonishingly the drunk, not named in local media, survived the fall on 24th January and was allowed home after treatment for cuts and bruises.