Lorry Drivers Unexpected 180-Degree Spin

Story by: Scott Feng, Sub-Editor: Francis George, Agency: Asia Wire Report

                                                       Video Credit: Asia Wire

This amusing footage with over nine million views shows a lorry spinning 180 degrees to avoid a rear-end crash and stopping perfectly face to face with a car in the neighbouring lane.

The viral video was captured by traffic cameras in the city of Changzhou in East China’s Jiangsu Province, where lorry driver Min slammed on the brakes in a bid to stop himself from crashing into the back of a cabbie.

The footage shows the light goods vehicle following the taxi, which suddenly brakes at a junction as the lights turn red.

Min, 31, is unable to stop in time and slams on the brakes while quickly turning his steering wheel at the same time, causing his lorry to spin 180 degrees and drift into the neighbouring lane to his left.

The expert manoeuvre leaves him stopping face to face with the stunned occupants of an oncoming saloon car, which stops just short of the lorry.

The moment was also captured on the saloon’s dashcam, which shows Min’s empty lorry sliding smoothly in front of the vehicle while avoiding the taxi at the same time.

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Picture Credits: Asia Wire

The video now viewed more than nine million times on social media has also attracted thousands of comments praising Min’s skilful driving.He said he was “surprised” by his newfound fame.

Sina Weibo user ‘Youshuaige Kan’ wrote: “Master, teach me!”

‘Zheng Chudian’ wrote: “Will he be charged with changing lanes over a solid white line while going the wrong way at the same time?”

‘Duoer Kalin’ added: “I bet not even the driver knew he was capable of such skill.”

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