Female Customer Falls Into Massive Sinkhole When Second Floor Of Shopping Centre Suddenly Collapses

The distressing video shows a female customer falling into a massive sinkhole when the second floor of a shopping centre suddenly collapsed.

Surveillance camera footage captured in the city of Zhenjiang. In China’s coastal province of Jiangsu, depicted the lady browsing through some clothing items in a store on 23rd March.

But just seconds later she can be seen plummeting downwards after a huge sinkhole opened beneath her feet out of nowhere at around 2:02pm.

A second woman wearing a yellow jacket can be observed quickly moving away from the sinkhole before stopping beside it to check whether the woman who fell inside was well.

A worker on the first floor also found himself trapped in the sinkhole after the ground gave way, said Chinese media.

The floor suddenly collapses while a woman is shopping in a mall. In Zhenjiang, Jiangsu, China, Saturday, Mar. 23, 2024. She was shopping on the second floor of the mall. (AsiaWire)

Emergency crews and firefighters rushed to the scene to save the two people after the incident. They had reportedly only suffered minor injuries.

Zhenjiang officials have launched an investigation to determine the cause of the accident.

The video prompted many reactions on China’s version of TikTok. Douyin, where it was shared later that day.

Douyin user ‘Maple map’ said: “The mannequin escaped death.”

Then ‘Light Boat (movie commentary)’ commented: “I want to know how this woman is doing.”

And ‘Brother Li’ added: “Whoever built the building will be held accountable for life.”