Female Trucker’s Life On The Road

A glamorous female trucker who learned to drive when she was just 12 years old has become a massive online hit.

Haulage expert Marianela Gariboglio, 26, from Parana, a city on the eastern banks of the River Parana in the Entre Rios province of Argentina, is the fourth generation of truckers in her family and learned to handle a lorry before she could drive a car.

She told her nearly 400,000 TikTok and over 300,000 Instagram followers that her first driving experience was as a toddler when she sat on her dad’s lap as he reversed his rig into a garage.

Marianela quickly joined the family tradition and followed generations of uncles, brothers, and cousins into the business.

Even her boyfriend is a trucker, she said.

The clips of her life on the road have fascinated her followers, sometimes showing off the behind-the-scenes maintenance of truck life and others showing her on the road all over Argentina.

Marianela explained: “I learned to drive a truck before a car.

Photo shows Marianela Gariboglio, undated. The truck driver from Argentina, 24, loves traveling. (@marianelagariboglio/CEN)

“I always dreamed of being a driver. So much so that I don’t feel like it’s work, because of how much fun I have travelling.”

But she had to wait until she was 21 before she was allowed to have her professional trucker licence.

Before that, she would often go with her father Luis as much as possible.

She said: “He was teaching me and explaining what the life of a truck driver is like. He always told me ‘don’t worry’.

“He also gave me the secrets to grasp the most complicated curves and other secrets of the trade.”

She said that her dad is the “God of trucking”.

Photo shows Marianela Gariboglio, undated. The truck driver from Argentina, 24, loves traveling. (@marianelagariboglio/CEN)

She said: “He knows everything, he has a lot of experience and it is good to listen to him because he is wisdom.”

And while other girls dreamed of becoming models and doctors, Marianela just wanted to have her own truck and hit the road.

And she said dad Luis supported her saying: “My old man never objected to me. He in fact encouraged my love for what was also his life on the roads.

“He always helped me, he never told me, ‘It’s not a job for a girl.’”