Crook With ‘I’m A Thief And A Fool’ Inked On Forehead Back Behind Bars

A crook with ‘I’m a thief and a fool’ tattooed on his forehead has been seized again by police just two days after he was released from jail.

Photo shows Ruan Rocha Silva, undated. The man who had his forehead tattooed, was arrested for a robbery. In Sao Paulo, Brazil on Wednesday, March 27, 2024. (PM-SP/CEN)

Jailbird Ruan Rocha da Silva, 23, was arrested on 27th March with a second suspect accused of breaking into a house. In Jardim Arpoador, Sao Paulo State, Brazil.

Officers recovered the loot taken in the burglary when they arrested the two men, reports local media.

Da Silva became notorious after he was caught red-handed stealing a bike in a break-in from a tattooist who then branded him with the huge sign across his forehead.

He was then jailed in 2019 and sentenced to four years behind bars for breaking into the home of two health workers to steal cash and mobile phones.

Da Silva was caught and identified instantly by police because of his bizarre tattoo.

He fell foul of the law again when he broke out of jail with six other inmates. Just when his lawyer had persuaded public prosecutors that he was no longer a menace to society.

Ruan Rocha da Silva, 22, poses during arrest in 2019. He was as arrested for theft on. In Cotia, Brazil, Sunday, Nov. 27, 2022. (CEN)

The inmates had broken a guardrail and captured a prison officer before fleeing the Provisional Detention Centre Belem 1.

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Da Silva handed himself into the police a short while later and was sent back to a high-security jail to finish his sentence.

Now he is back behind bars awaiting trial on his latest theft charge after being free for just two days.

In 2017 tattooist Maycon Wesley and his neighbour Ronildo Moreira. Filmed themselves as they inked the confession across da Silva’s head and shared the footage on social media.

Both were sentenced to over three years in prison for torture in 2018.

Da Silva had since had cosmetic surgery to try to remove the tat but parts of it are still clearly visible.