JIHAD TERROR: Killer Waves Machete Around After Slaying Churchman

This chilling footage shows how a crazed jihadi killer marches around waving a machete after cruelly slaying a churchman.

Footage of the savage murder of verger Diego Valencia in Algeciras, Spain, on 25th January was released earlier today (27th January).

In the video, filmed through the window of a local business, a man can be heard saying “he’s killed him” as a woman shrieks in terror.

The moment Valencia is pursued by his attacker through a square and then savagely dispatched cannot be seen clearly.

But suspect Yassin Kanjaa, 25, is later clearly seen walking through the square apparently without a care in the world.

Chillingly, he can be seen waving around the machete as if boasting about what he has just done.

Moroccan Kanjaa, who was arrested shortly after the alleged crime and is now in custody, is expected to appear in court in Algeciras on 30th January.

He walks away with the machete raised in Algeciras, Spain, on Wednesday, Jan. 25, 2023. . He killed one man and injured another. (CEN)

Authorities are considering his act one of jihadist terrorism, not least because police found USB sticks containing Islamic extremist content in a raid on his home.

The horror first unfolded inside a church, where Kanjaa allegedly attacked a priest performing Mass, leaving him seriously injured.

The priest has since been discharged from hospital.

Then he went to another church nearby, where he attacked several people, including Valencia.

Witnesses reported hearing him shout: “Allahu akbar”.

In an all-too familiar story, it has transpired that Kanjaa lived in a cramped apartment with other illegal immigrants and appeared to have rapidly ‘rediscovered’ Islam.

Yassin Kanjaa attacks a man in Algeciras, Spain, on Wednesday, Jan. 25, 2023. He then walks away with the machete raised. (CEN)

His flatmates told local media: “One or two months ago he stopped drinking alcohol and smoking, he started praying, at first we thought he was going to be better, but he became more and more aggressive, more paranoid and weirder.”