Crook On The Run After Stealing Neighbour’s Swimming Pool

A thief has gone on the run after the bizarre theft of his neighbour’s swimming pool from her garden in Argentina.

Police in La Plata said career crook Edgardo Gonzalez took the ARS 2.5 million (GBP 2,400) fibreglass pool from the victim’s garden before she could have it fitted.

Local media have reported that it was missing for a week before police, using a drone, located it on 25th January.

I was just 10 blocks away in Gonzalez’s backyard in La Toma. A neighbourhood notorious for homes built on illegally occupied state land.

Footage shows the police operation to recover the stolen pool in La Plata, Argentina, undated. A drone spotted the pool ten blocks from where it had been stolen. (Polica Bonaerense/Newsflash)

Police video footage shows the pool being drained before it was loaded onto the back of a truck and given a patrol car escort back to its owner.

Local media said that Gonzalez had gone on the run before police arrived at his home to seize the pool.

Buenos Aires is in the middle of a heatwave. With temperatures hitting a sweltering 30 degrees Celsius in January. Leaving people desperate to cool off.