Car T-Bones Google Maps Motor

This is the moment a Google Maps car is rammed at speed by another vehicle and rolls over on its side as it records a route in Brazil.

CCTV footage of the smash shows the street-streaming car cruising through a junction in Medianeira, in the state of Parana, on 31st January.

But as it sails through the crossroads, a second vehicle speeds across the junction and T-bones it on the passenger side.

The impact is so great that it knocks the Google Honda HR-V car onto its side as the footage ends.

Photo shows the moment a Google Street View car overturned after a collision with a vehicle in Medianeira, Parana in Brazil on Wednesday, Jan. 30, 2024. A child suffered injuries. (CEN)

Amazingly the driver escaped with no injuries and a 10-year-old passenger in the other car, a Ford Ecosport, suffered only minor injuries.

Police are reportedly investigating the crash.