Pilot Dies Of Heart Failure After Surviving Crash

A microlight pilot who survived a dramatic crash landing into the sea dropped dead hours later of heart failure, it has emerged.

Businessman Mikael Minatti had been piloting the aircraft with his wife in the passenger seat over Itapema, Brazil, Santa Catarina, State, Brazil when the engine failed.

Mikael, reports local media, was forced to make a terrifying crash landing at sea off the city’s main beach more than 200 metres (656 feet) from the shore on 4th February,

Footage apparently shot by a beachgoer shows lifeguards dragging the plane out of the sea and onto the beach.

Picture shows Mikael Minatti, undated. He died hours after an ultralight crash in Itapema, Brazil. (@mikaelminatti/CEN)

Mikael, say rescuers from Santa Catarina Military Fire Department (CBMSC), and his wife both refused to be taken to hospital.

But bafflingly, reports local media. Mikael died just hours later at home after suffering a massive cardiorespiratory arrest.

Air crash experts are investigating the engine failure.