Brave Mum Stands Up To Brawling Street Vendors On Train

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Video Credit: CEN/@jotaleonetti

This is the moment a group of street vendors – including one who appears to be carrying a crowbar – brawl on a packed train before a mother with a toddler in her arms tells them off.

The incident took place near the Temperley railway station in the city of Lomas de Zamora in the eastern Argentine province of Buenos Aires when the group of hawkers began to argue for unknown reasons.

Pictures Credit: CEN/@jotaleonetti

In the footage, several men are seen throwing punches and scuffling among the stunned passengers in the train carriage.

One of the brawlers appears to be brandishing a crowbar as the fighting intensifies.

Pictures Credit: CEN/@jotaleonetti

However, a heavyset woman carrying a toddler bravely steps in and pushes back one man before telling off the group.

According to local media, a worker of the Argentine train authority became involved in the brawl and has since been suspended from his position as the investigation continues.

Reports did not mention if anyone was injured in the carriage ruckus.

Netizen ‘Lorena’ commented: “This is so embarrassing, and worst of all it happened in front of young children.”

‘Kanionkanionre1’ said: “Free boxing lessons on the train!”

‘Alejandro Turco’ wrote: “Such a shame. Those people are worse than animals. And it happened in front of a crying child.”

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