Drunk Divorcee Tries To Push Stranger In Front Of Train

Story By: Amelia Guran, Sub EditorJoseph GolderAgency: Central European News

Video Credit: CEN/vesti.ru

This is the shocking moment an allegedly drunk divorcee arrested for attempted murder seems to try to push another woman onto the tracks in front of an underground train.

The two women had reportedly exchanged words earlier in the incident that took place at the Tekstilshchiki Metro station in the Russian capital Moscow, which every day sees around 100,000 passengers.

Pictures Credit: CEN/vesti.ru

It was reported that the altercation between the two women took place after they jostled each other in the crowd.

As a result, another passenger started to film the altercation, and captured the shocking moment that one of them appears to try to push the other under an oncoming train.

Pictures Credit: CEN/vesti.ru

The dark-haired woman, in a black coat and standing to the right, comes up quietly behind the other woman, who is blonde-haired with a blue coat, and who apparently positions her arm, looking right to see when the train is arriving.

Then a split second before the train pulls in, she can be seen leaning forward and shoving with her arm in what appears to be a bid to push the other one onto the tracks.

But feeling the pressure, the woman manages to step to the side and the two instantly start fighting, with the furious blonde woman shoving the woman in the black coat away and then pulling her by her hair.

They were separated by other passengers and Moscow city police, when contacted by Central European News (CEN) confirmed that they were investigating the incident and had tracked down the woman in black.

They said she was a recently divorced 43-year-old.

The spokesman said: “We learned that the woman in black, two days before the incident, got divorced from her husband, and had been drinking heavily during that time.”

They said they were alerted to the incident after the woman in the blue coat filed a complaint.

The spokesman, who was not named, added: “Attempted murder is qualified under Part 3 of Art. 30, part 1, article 105 of the Russian Criminal Code. If the guilty offender is proved in court, she faces imprisonment of up to 6 years.”

The video was posted online and was quickly shared, attracting comments, most of which seemed to agree that it appeared to be attempted murder.

Online user ‘Mers’ said: “It is clear that she intends to push her under the train, the victim should make a statement to the police for this attempt to kill her and let the culprit face the consequences.”

And ‘Andrej Henrich’ said: “Urgent action needs to be taken before anyone else is hurt, she should be taken into custody immediately.”

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