88 Years For Evil Couple Who Killed 4yo Tot For Bed-Wetting

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This evil couple have been sentenced to 88 years in prison each for beating their four-year-old daughter to death because she wet the bed.

Mother Yadira Medina Pichardo and stepfather Pablo Rodrigo Escamilla were found guilty of the femicide of Pichardo’s four-year-daughter, who they had not officially registered so did not have a name but has since been registered by a judge as Guadalupe Medina Pichardo.

The body of the four-year-old girl was found in March 2017 in the El Sol community in the central Mexican state of Mexico wrapped up in blankets. She was wearing a green shirt, pink trousers, and red socks. As nobody came to claim the body she became known in local media as “the girl in the red socks”.

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She was buried by the general prosecution of the state in the pantheon of Naucalpan under the name “Angelita”.

Nine months after her body was found, the mother and stepfather were arrested and charged with her murder.

Prosecutors proved in court that the couple often beat the young girl and said that they had become enraged on 18th March 2017 when she wet and soiled the bed at their home in the city of Nezahualcoyotl, in the central Mexican state of Mexico.

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Her mother is said to have beaten her before her stepfather grabbed her by her legs and threw her against the ground, killing her.

They then wrapped up her body and dumped it in the El Sol community to avoid being found out. Both suspects were found guilty of femicide and sentenced to 88 years in prison.

The abusive couple are said to have often beat the young girl and stepfather Escamilla was sentenced to 21 years in prison in September 2018 for raping Guadalupe’s 14-year-old sister.

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The victim’s three siblings will now be supported by the authorities to allow them to undergo basic education.

Frida Guerrera, an activist who helped in the case, said that the ruling against the culprits for her death was something that the prosecution owed to the victim.

The couple will have to pay fines of 449,115 MXN (18,557 GBP) and will have to pay 165,323 MXN (6,831 GBP) as compensation for material damage and 75,490 MXN (3,119 GBP) in moral compensation.

Picture Credit: CEN

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