23-Stone Lady Tries Kissing OAP For Likes, Lands In Jail

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This viral video with nearly four million views shows a 23-stone woman hugging a random pensioner and attempting to kiss him on the lips “for likes” before she was arrested for harassment.

The woman surnamed Jin, 26, singled out Mr Hong, 70, as he was walking home in a crowded fruit and vegetable market in Lujiang County in East China’s Anhui Province on 6th July.

Jin, who reportedly maintains her 300-kilogramme (23.5-stone, 660-pound) weight and indeed relies on it for her live streams, which she hosts on video streaming platforms similar to Youtube, can be seen running up to Mr Hong from behind and putting her arms around him.

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Pictures Credit: AsiaWire

The confident livestreamer – wearing a black top, a yellow skirt and holding a selfie stick – attempts to plant her lips on the senior citizen, who is so shocked he drops his vegetables and uses all his strength to try push her away.

Mr Hong said: “After I walked past her, she caught up to me. Then her actions were very inappropriate. She hugged me and tried forcefully to kiss me.

“I’m 70 years old. To be grabbed off the street and kissed is really embarrassing – and she should feel embarrassed too!”

Mr Hong reported the incident to the police, who said the pensioner’s description of the perpetrator made it “all too obvious” who they were looking for.

Lujiang policeman Yang Kelong said: “It’s not our first run-in with her. We arrested her in the past for gambling.

“We summoned her. She knew what she had done, so she showed up at the police station, but then she refused to cooperate.”

Yang said Jin sat on the floor and had to be carried away.

“Six of us had to lift her up. It was a struggle,” Yang said.

During questioned on 8th July, Jin revealed she was unemployed had been posting live streams for a living since December 2018.

In order to “attract fans”, Jin said she would make herself up as a “clown”, wear “strange” clothes and “flirt” with passers-by.

She said: “Kissing random strangers is my number one stunt. I’ve done it plenty of times before but didn’t think he would call the cops.

“Even if I tried to be pretty, there are so many people prettier than me. No one would be interested.

“Nobody is willing to be a clown – but I am. That’s the way I attract attention.

“I thought about making positive weight-loss videos and wanted to collaborate with a gym, but none would work with me.

“I’m willing to reinvent myself and get a normal job.”

Officer Yang revealed: “During question, she claimed Mr Hong had mocked her when he walked past, so she wanted to ‘disgust’ him.

“She did it for likes and to attract fans.”

The pensioner strongly denied Jin’s version of events, saying: “I didn’t make eye contact and didn’t talk to her.

“It’s not civilised. It’s goes against social norms. It’s disorderly!”

She was given eight days of administrative detention. Administrative detention in China for minor crimes is no longer than 15 days and served at a local police station in a holding cell.

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