Caspian Sea Waters Turn Blood Red

Story By: Anastasia SmirnovaSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Central European News


These startling images show how the waters of the Caspian Sea have turned a deep scarlet resembling bloodstains.

The incident took place at the Caspian Riviera resort located near the village of Primorskiy by the city of Aktau in south-eastern Kazakhstan.

Images recorded by onlookers shows spots of scarlet red on the white snow, which looks like massive bloodstains.

Local environmental experts claim that the water is not polluted despite its terrifying appearance.


According to local media, the reason for the change of water colour is a special type of algae called Diatoms.

Despite its appearance, the algae does not cause any danger to either fish living in the water reservoir or humans who touch the water.

If the water was polluted it would have had an additional glittery layer, as if the water was covered with some sort of a foil, according to reports.

Despite the official statement, netizens are not quite sure that everything is as safe as they are told.


Netizen ‘Erlan’ said: “I bet nature is telling us something. Looks like some sort of a sign to me.”

Another one named ‘Kanatts’ added: “I bet something is wrong… again.”

While ‘Simakov Fima’ added: “Even though they can say what they want, the amount of algae there shows that something is wrong with the Sea. It is just too much of it.”

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