Young Woman Finds Her Photo In Headstone Ad In Russia

Story By: Anna CasapEditorJoseph GolderAgencyCentral European News

This woman was shocked to find her photo being in an advert for headstones despite the fact she was still alive and well – and she is now suing a photo studio for providing the snap.

The incident took place in the city of Yekaterinburg in the Ural Mountains in southeastern Russia.

Pictures Credit: CEN/@e.kolbasina

According to local media, the advert claims that the girl is named Yana and that she died at the age of seven. 

In reality, a photo studio allegedly used the photograph of Ekaterina Kolbasina in a client’s advertisement for headstones.

Pictures Credit: CEN/@e.kolbasina

The young woman is now suing the studio for 150,000 RUB (1,870 GBP).

Kolbasina’s sister reportedly came across the portrait of her sister when she was shopping for a headstone.

Pictures Credit: CEN/@e.kolbasina

The store employees were surprised that the “deceased” turned out to be alive when Kolbasina’s sister showed up in person and told them.

Staff then took the photo from the wall and gave it to her.

Kolbasina believes that the studio had her picture as she previously had her photo taken there.

She told local media: “In 2011, I went to that studio to have my photo taken. They used them after so many years. These photos are nowhere public, only they and I have them.”

She also told the media that when she went to notify the shop about the lawsuit, they had already moved out of the premises.

She added: “My mother believes what happened to be unpleasant and immoral.”

Kolbasina is seeking compensation for moral damages. 

Kolbasina’s lawyer, Anton Shtol told local media: “There are signs of a number of administrative offences, and maybe even criminal ones.”

Andrey Ukhov, the Director of the shop where the tombstone was reportedly being sold, told local media that he does not consider himself guilty nor does he agree that he should pay Kolbasina compensation.

He added: “These gravestone advertising pictures are provided to us by a firm in order to attract our customers. They are given for free, for advertising. I don’t know where they got her photo.”

It is unclear whether the lawsuit has yet made it to court.

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