Young Family Laugh Away Accidental Slip On Icy Doorstep

A married couple could barely make it through the front door of their home from laughing after they and their little daughter slipped on the icy doorstep at the same time.

The humorous incident reportedly occurred during snowy weather. In Yuncheng, in China’s northern Shanxi Province, on the afternoon of 15h January.

Surveillance video captured the comical scene as the family of three slipped in unison while climbing the steps to enter their home.

No one seemed to be harmed by the fall, and a few seconds later the woman, named Ms Zhou, burst out laughing.

Her husband also joined in and the two could barely pull themselves together and get up to help their daughter.

A family of three slips and falls on icy steps at the same time. In Yuncheng, Shanxi, China, Monday, Jan.15, 2023. No one of them was injured. (13145207731pan/AsiaWire)

After a few attempts, they slowly composed themselves and grabbed the toddler. Then carefully made their way around the giant, slippery step and entered the house.

Ms Zhou later said that in rural areas, there are often slopes built in front of house doors, and they did not expect it to be so slippery.

She added they have installed anti-slip mats on their doorstep to avoid a more serious accident in the future.