Lawyer Girlfriend Accused of Murdering Family Of Doc Boyfriend Of Six Weeks When He Dumped Her

A lawyer is facing up to 100 years in jail after being charged with double murder over allegations she poisoned her ex-boyfriend’s family to punish him for dumping her.

Prosecutors say that calculating lawyer Amanda Partata Mortoza, 31, had arrived at her doctor ex’s family home. In Goiania, Goias State, Brazil, with a luxury takeaway breakfast. It included cheese, fresh bread, biscuits, fruit juice, and cakes from the most famous sweetshop in the region.

Her ex-boyfriend’s father and grandmother had then tucked into the tasty treats and died, although his grandfather and uncle had not eaten them, with the grandfather saying ‘no’ because he suffered from diabetes.

It is unclear where her ex Dr Leonardo Pereira Alves Filho was when she arrived.

The two members of his family who did eat the cake collapsed with agonising stomach pains and later died following the incident on 17th December.

Police later found the cakes were laced with poison which killed the doctor’s father, Leonardo Pereira Alves, 58, and his 86-year-old mother Luzia Alves.

Her ex, Leonardo, broke his silence about the tragedy after it was confirmed she had been charged. He said he had never expected “such brutality” from his former girlfriend.

Photo shows Maria Paula Alves, undated. She lost her father Leonardo Pereira Alves who died after eating a candy. In Goiania, Goias in Brazil, on Sunday, December 17, 2023. ( @mariapaulaap/CEN)

He said: “I and everyone in the family never would have conceded anything could be done that would justify such brutality. We are really suffering, it’s been very difficult.”

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He added that the family had also faced police scrutiny when it was revealed to be poison, and both himself as well as his sister Maria and their mother Elaine had been interviewed by police for hours as they attempted to find who had poisoned the cakes.

Speaking about the loss of her father, Maria said: “He was vomiting non-stop for hours even when there was nothing left to come up, and eventually went to hospital.

“By the time I found out what was happening, there were already complications that developed which eventually killed him.

“Between the first symptoms and his death, it didn’t even take 12 hours.

“My grandmother was also taken at the same time as my dad, and was hospitalised at the same time and ended up in the same intensive care unit. She lasted longer than him, but eventually she accompanied him to heaven.”

Photo shows Amanda Partata Mortoza during breakfast, when she allegedly poisoned two people, undated. The case took place in Goiania, Brazil on Sunday, December 17, 2023. (CEN)

The indictment alleges that Partata wanted to cause her former lover as much pain as possible to punish him for the rejection.

The deaths were first thought to have been caused by food poisoning but tests on the cake later found the poison contained in some of the samples.

Further tests of products from the cake shop revealed that only the ones Partata had served up contained the poison and she was seized by police on 20th December.

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Prosecutors have charged her with double homicide over the two deaths and double attempted murder over the fact that her former husband’s uncle and grandfather did not eat the cake and survived.

Prosecutors say there is plenty of evidence that she had refused to accept the end of the relationship.

After the breakup, Partata created at least six fake profiles on social media and made anonymous calls to her ex and his family. They also had been led to believe that she was pregnant, and she claimed that she had eaten the cake without any symptoms.

Photo shows the husband of the lawyer Amanda Partata Mortoza. She is suspected of poisoning Leonardo Pereira Alves and Luzia Tereza Alves. In Goiania, Goias in Brazil, on Sunday, December 17, 2023. (CEN)

Partata’s defence told local media: “As for the arrest of Amanda Partata, we consider that it was carried out illegally as it was carried out at night in the hospital where she was admitted under medical care.

“It should also be noted that Amanda Partata voluntarily attended the Homicide Investigation Station. Handed over objects and documents and, through her lawyers, made the Police Authority fully aware of her location and state of health.

“Judicial measures to preserve and restore legality will be adopted in due course.”

The cake shop, Perdomo Doces, cooperated fully with the police and handed over samples.