Viral Moment Home Is Engulfed By Flames After Electric Bike Blows Up While Charging

This is the viral moment a massive fire engulfs a house after an electric bike battery explodes while charging indoors.

The incident reportedly took place recently at a home in the city of Surat, in India’s western state of Gujarat.

It was captured on phone footage by the homeowner, who was not named, just seconds before the battery burst, causing white smoke to billow from a corner of the room, quickly spreading throughout the house.

It was only moments before flames also appeared and it soon escalated into a full-blown fire.

The man screamed and ran barefoot across the burning home to check on another family member at the end of the footage.

Neighbours reportedly helped the two get out safely.

The video has clocked up more than 29 million views and over 620,000 likes on Instagram where it was shared by a local account on 6th March.

A fire starts in a house in Surat, India, undated. It was allegedly caused by a electric bike battery that burst while charging. (AsiaWire)

A relative of the individual in the video, named Avani Zaveri Makwana, later clarified the situation in a comment: “Guys, this is actually an original video from my brother-in-law’s place. He started the video before the blast. He recorded it to show the battery company that some weird noises were coming from it.

“When he was shooting the video, the incident happened. He tried to warn his mother inside the room and the valuables around him.

“His mother started shouting from the window for help, and the helpful neighbors gathered to help them in no time. So please stop making fun and learn something from it.

“He just shared the video in the police station, and some cop shared it to raise awareness.”

According to Avani, her brother-in-law saved everything along with his wife, son and mum, except for a few things in his living room.