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Volvo Truck Entered A Light Pole After A Failed Right Turn

It was lights out when this Volvo truck crashed into a light pole after its manoeuvre failed at a turn.

The accident in which a truck was involved took place near Odesa Square in Ukraine on the night of 16th June.

The CCTV footage shows that the driver of the Volvo truck signalled that he was going to turn right.

The driver lost control of the steering wheel and entered a light pole.

At the moment of impact, the light source went out.

The fuels leaked on the road from the damaged gas tank but according to the images, the accident did not result in a fire.

Patrol, rescue, communal and other services worked on the spot to eliminate the consequences of the car accident.

The police drew up a report on the Volvo driver in accordance with Violation of traffic regulations, which led to an accident.

So far, nothing is known about the injuries suffered by the driver and his current state of health.

According to the Ukrainian patrol police statistics at the beginning of 2021 and until the end of May, Ukraine registered 57929 road accidents, which means that there were about 384 accidents per day in the whole country.

Kiev ranks first in the number of most accidents with 14,214 accidents since the beginning of the year, followed by the city of Odesa, which recorded 5,166 accidents.

According to the latest WHO data published Ukraine reached 4,412 or 0.73 per cent of total deaths in Road Traffic Accidents Deaths.

The age-adjusted Death Rate is 8.87 per 100,000 population ranking Ukraine 127th in the world.

Michael Leidig

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