Videogame Moment Chinese Driver Mixes Pedals And Rams Six People In A Row On Busy Street

This is the videogame-like moment a Chinese motorist mixes up the brake pedal and the accelerator and ploughs into a row of bikers and pedestrians, most of whom are seen flailing millimetres from the dash-camera before sliding off the bonnet.

The accident was filmed in the centre of Mianzhu, a city in the central Chinese province of Sichuan, on the morning of 20th September.

In the shocking dash-cam footage, several pedestrians and bikers are seen moving into a single row in front of the driver as they attempt to pass through a busy narrow street.

Driver hits six people in a row in Mianzhu, China. (ID13666279800/AsiaWire)

But the car then suddenly surges forwards and hits one pedestrian who is then thrown under a stationary vehicle.

The front of the car then rams a cyclist and a biker in quick succession, and both are seen sliding off the bonnet and crashing to the ground.

The driver then rams a woman on a scooter and apparently two people standing by the side of the road.

Driver hits six people in a row in Mianzhu, China. (ID13666279800/AsiaWire)

As the car eventually comes to a stop, three victims are seen lifting their heads or getting to their feet in front of the driver’s dash-cam.

The woman on the scooter is seen angrily stomping her foot before jabbing an accusing finger at the driver.

According to local reports, the driver hit six people in a row in the city centre after confusing the pedals and stepping on the accelerator instead of the brake.

Driver hits six people in a row in Mianzhu, China. (ID13666279800/AsiaWire)

Eyewitnesses said two people were seriously injured at the scene.

Four victims remain in hospital while two others were treated for minor injuries and discharged.

The day after the accident, the local police confirmed that six people were injured to varying degrees in the accident.

Driver hits six people in a row in Mianzhu, China. (ID13666279800/AsiaWire)

The driver responsible confirmed to a traffic cop on the scene that they had mixed up the pedals prior to ramming the residents.

The motorist was then taken to a nearby police station for questioning and the police investigation is ongoing.