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Fashionista Women Driver Slaps Man Who Wallops Her Back

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Video Credit: AsiaWire

This is the moment a hat-wearing fashionista driving a red sports car slaps another driver before he hits her back so hard it leaves her reeling and sends her hat flying.

The young woman, wearing high heels and flared trousers, was seen on a video arguing with a man who refused to allow her Porsche to turn round on a zebra crossing.

The argument, which took place earlier today on Liang Road, in the Yubei District of Chongqing City, was captured on camera by bystanders as it caused a traffic jam.

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Pictures Credit: AsiaWire

The footage shows the war of words later escalated from a shouting match to violence when the woman who was talking from her window got out of her vehicle and confronted the other driver.

The other man, a male driver in a grey SUV that was stuck in front of the Porsche, was angry that neither of them could move and the woman who was also wearing a white hat is seen pointing at him 
seemingly equally angry. 

Suddenly she reaches up her hand and slaps on the side of the face, resulting in him slapping her back with considerably more force, snapping her head round and knocking off her hat as she falls onto the bonnet of her red Porsche.

The incident is still under investigation but a local resident identified only by the name Doudou was quoted by local media as revealing that the woman was the wife of Huixing Street Police Station chief. 

Netizen ‘JustEskimo’ commented: “Is this another Bottle Cap Challenge? So impressive!”

While ‘Fengmi’ said: “Wearing a pair of high-heel shoes to drive, turning around on a zebra crossing… how did she get a driving licence? Did her husband help?”

And ‘Feiyu’ added: “I don’t know why she looks so angry with the driver who is travelling correctly. She should let all the other cars pass and then turn around. And BTW, the spinning hat looks like a UFO.”

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