Van Hit By Lorry As He Tries To Punish Him For Going Slow

This is the miracle moment a motorist misses being wiped out by a massive lorry he has just overtaken on a German autobahn thanks to the lorry driver’s quick thinking.

The truck, carrying vital medical equipment, had been travelling at 50mph on the A3 highway which has no speed limit because of its extra wide load.

But dashcam footage from the trucker’s cab shows a white Mercedes Vito van overtaking the truck and then suddenly cutting in right in front of it and then braking hard.

Police believe he was trying to get his own back after being stuck behind the lorry for miles.

The trucker jams his own brakes as it still clips the van’s rear window shattering it.

Photo shows medical highloader that partially slipped off the loading area after the accident on A3 in Bavaria, undated. Truck driver slowed down and caused the crash. (@PolizeiMFR/Newsflash)

Motorway police in Hochstadt, Bavaria State, later confiscated the van driver’s licence and say he is facing charges of endangering road users.

They said in a statement on 23rd January obtained by Newsflash: “The driver of the articulated lorry gave way.

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“The 48-year-old motorist overtook the truck but swerved to the right after having advanced less than the length of a vehicle while going at 80 kilometres per hour (50mph).

“The van then slowed down for no reason.”

Neither driver was hurt in the accident.

Photo shows the rear window of the Mercedes Vito after the accident. On A3 in Bavaria, undated. Truck driver slowed down and caused the crash. (@PolizeiMFR/Newsflash)

A police spokesperson said: “He refused to say why he acted this way. We suspect he wanted to reprimand the lorry driver in some way.

“His licence was confiscated.”

The overall damage caused to both vehicles is estimated at EUR 50,000 (GBP 42,700).

Police say they released the video footage, recorded on 13th December, as a warning to other drivers.