Driver Crashes Into Gas Station After Pedal Mishap

This is the astonishing moment a motorist slams into a service station after losing control of her car.

Footage from the security camera at the gas station in Rivadavia, in Argentina’s San Juan Province, obtained by Newsflash, shows how the white Volkswagen Gol Trend (correct) crashes into the glass front of the shop at high speed.

A customer who was about to enter the store miraculously turned around before getting clear at the very last moment.

The 28-year-old driver, only identified by her surname Benegas, told investigators she managed to avoid colliding with a motorcyclist before mistaking the accelerator for the brake.

Photo shows after a car slammed into a gas station in Rivadavia, San Juan, Argentina, undated. No serious injuries were reported. (Newsflash)

A 31-year-old shop assistant had to be hospitalised with minor injuries.

Astonishingly, neither the driver nor any other staff members or customers were harmed in the smash on 25th January.

The authorities have not revealed whether the motorist was intoxicated and which charges she faces.