UTuber Loses It With Huge 1-Bite Ice Lolly Brain Freeze

Story By: Marija Petrovska, Sub EditorJoseph GolderAgency: Central European News

Video Credit: AsiaWire/Bakushokuo Wattan

This is the moment a Japanese YouTuber loses it after suffering a massive brain freeze when he gobbles down an ice lolly in one go. 

Japanese YouTuber Bakushokuo Wattan, also known to his followers as the ‘Explosive Eating King Wattan’, decided to deal with a heatwave currently hitting Japan by eating an ice lolly in one huge bite.

In the video, Wattan can be seen sitting in his car when with an ice lolly. He then wolfs the lolly down in one go, finishing it off in an impressive three seconds.

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Pictures Credit: AsiaWire/Bakushokuo Wattan

However, the YouTuber then suffers a severe case of brain freeze. Fortunately for Wattan, the highly painful brain freeze was short and did not cause any long-term harm. 

He can be seen drinking a soft drink to try to combat the effects of the brain freeze in the video.

The bizarre clip has received over 185,000 views on social media.

Japan has been hit by a series of heatwaves this year with temperatures above 30 degrees Celsius hitting the country. Reports suggest at least five people in the country have been killed by heat-related causes.

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