UFO-Cloud Formations Compared To Alien Invasion

Story By: Feza Uzay, Sub-Editor: Joana Mihajlovska, Agency:  Newsflash

This unusual UFO-like cloud formation over the Crimean Peninsula has left locals comparing it to an alien invasion.

The strange cloud was seen over the resort city of Yalta in the Crimean Peninsula, a disputed territory between Russia and Ukraine.

Stunned locals and tourists took pictures of the unusual cloud formation, which appeared to be in the shape of a large flying saucer.

Valentin Verbitsky/Newsflash

Local ufologists said they believed the incident was directly related to UFOs and is evidence that there are aliens present in the region.

However, meteorologists have shrugged off any paranormal explanations, assuring that there is a scientific explanation behind the saucer-shaped cloud.

Experts said stationary clouds called lenticular clouds form at an altitude of about four miles and take on a lens or saucer-like shape.

Valentin Verbitsky/Newsflash

However, experts said this type of cloud is not a common meteorological occurrence and are usually a sign of warmer air arriving in the area.

Netizen ‘Serezha Petrov’ however was one the disagreed saying: “These alien ships emit a kind of condensation and hide themselves as clouds.”

‘Gosha Trapeznikov’ joked: “USS Enterprise, is that you?”

Anastasia Domanskaya/Newsflash

‘Pavel Sps’ commented: “It is alien.”

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