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Drunk In Little Green Men Alien Costume Arrested At Brothel Leading To Hilarious Mugshot

Story By: Juan Mayes, Sub-Editor: Joana Mihajlovska, Agency:  Newsflash

The Peruvian police have detained a drunk man wearing an alien costume from the film ‘Toy Story’ after finding him in a brothel along with 29 other men leading to a hilarious mugshot.

The bizarre incident happened in the Peruvian capital of Lima on Thursday 6th May.

Local media said the authorities conducted the raid on an establishment that was operating as a nightclub and brothel but had a front business that made it appear as a car repair shop.


The police reportedly found around 30 men inside the establishment and they were all detained, despite some attempting to flee.

Among those arrested was a man, who has not been named, wearing an alien costume representing one of the characters from the popular movie saga ‘Toy Story’.

The suspect was reportedly drunk and tried to joke with the officers, apparently hoping to charm himself out of the situation, but was unsuccessful, leading to a hilarious mugshot in which he was seen wearing the full costume.


The message across the picture says: “Fined! For not following the health restrictions.”

Local sources said the incident made national headlines after images of the drunk green martian being arrested were reported.

The men found in the brothel were charged for breaking the curfew and health restrictions imposed by the authorities as Peru goes through its second wave of Covid.


It is unclear if the suspects have been released or what their exact sanctions are.

The police have said they will continue to monitor the establishment to make sure that it does not open up again.

According to the latest figures from Johns Hopkins University Peru has reported 1,850,290 cases of the COVID-19 leading to 64,103 deaths.