Lorry Driver Crushes Worker Against Loading Bay

Story ByAnastasia SmirnovaSub EditorJoseph GolderAgencyCEN

Video Credit: CEN

This is the moment a supermarket worker is crushed between a lorry and a loading bay when a new driver apparently confuses first gear with reverse.

The disturbing accident took place at an unnamed supermarket on Gagarina Street in the city of Ulan-Ude in south-eastern Russia’s Republic of Buryatia.

In the video, a 43-year-old worker can be seen standing between a lorry and the loading bay as he grabs a crate of drinks.

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Pictures Credit: CEN

The lorry suddenly reverses and crushes the man, who has not been named in reports, between the bay and the vehicle, leaving him trapped there for a second before the driver moves the lorry forwards.

The worker collapses to the ground as his colleagues come to the scene and local media report he died from his injuries.

Reports state the 26-year-old lorry driver had only joined the delivery company three days prior and had confused driving forwards with reverse.

A police investigation into the incident has been launched. It is unclear if the driver has been arrested.

Netizen ‘Lara’ said: “This looks like an on-the-job accident to me. I hope the family of the deceased man get financial compensation for losing their loved one while he was at work. I am really sorry for the young man, he must have been so stressed and now even more. This is what can happen when people do not get proper training in driving.”

And ‘AlexandrLTD’ added: “Why did that guy go there? I feel so bad for the driver.”