TWO MUCH LUCK: Mum-Of-Three Wins Second 100k Lottery Jackpot In Two Years

A mother of three in Canada has won a CAD 100,000 lottery jackpot less than two years after winning a first CAD 100,000 playing the same game.

Tywanna Carew from the city of Brampton, in Ontario, Canada, poses in undated photo. She won her second CAD 100.000 (GBP 63,000) lottery in two years from a scratch-off ticket in November 2022. (Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corp./Newsflash)

The woman, named as Tywanna Carew from Brampton, Ontario, won her second Crossword Tripler lottery prize, according to the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Inc.

Tywanna, who can be seen in the photograph giving the thumbs up while holding a cheque showing her winnings, reportedly said: “I scanned the ticket on my OLG app and a saw CAD 100,000, then turned to my husband and said, ‘I did it again!'”

It is the second time that the Ontario area resident has won CAD 100,000 (GBP 62,906) playing the Crossword Tripler after winning the same amount a first time back in January 2021.

The delighted mum of three reportedly plans to help her sons and wants to set some of the winnings aside for her grandson.

The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Inc. said that the winning ticket had been bought from a Shell petrol station on Great Lakes Drive in Brampton.