ME TWO: Couple Surprise Each Other By Proposing At Same Time

This is the touching moment two men spring their surprise proposals to each other at the same time.

The tender scene was filmed against the backdrop of a glowing sunset in Gouves on the Greek island of Crete on 21st July.

The video shows how Joshua Barker, 23, put his hands over his mouth in shock when Bradley Fox-Jones, 25, responded to his marriage proposal by brandishing a ring of his own.

Bradley told Newsflash in an interview: “I was incredibly nervous and anxious but also excited as I had been planning this for months.

“We first met in a gay nightclub in Portsmouth, Hampshire Boulevard, on 10th November 2017. We hit it off straight away and went on our first date the next week.

“After our date, we decided to just be friends, as Josh wasn’t ready for a relationship yet, as he had only come out as gay in February 2017.

“We then remained friends and we eventually started talking again, and things were different this time around, Josh was ready for taking things further.

“We started our relationship on 20th July 2018 after a few weeks of chatting.”

Bradley, from Chichester, lives in Portsmouth and works for Asda, while Joshua, from Portsmouth, studies journalism at university and works part-time for Tesco.

Bradley told Newsflash about his upcoming wedding: “We haven’t made any official plans just yet, but we have had a lot of conversations about it.

“We both decided we want to wait until Josh has got his degree, but we have already chosen our bridesmaids.”

He added: “Funny fact about us, we share the same middle name, Peter, so when we get married we will have the same middle and surname.

“Another fact is how I managed to get the video of the proposal. I said to Josh, ‘Let’s go and watch the sunset and take some nice pictures.’

Bradley Fox-Jones, 25, proposes to Joshua Barker, 23, in Gouves, Crete, on Thursday, July 21, 2022. According to Bradley, the two met at a gay nightclub in Portsmouth, on Nov. 10, 2017. (@bradleyfoxjones/Newsflash)

“And rather than using the timer and taking pictures, I said, ‘Let’s film a video and pose and just screenshot parts of the video for pictures.’

“This was my plan to then propose, but he actually beat me to it, leaving me completely stunned.”