CREAM OF THE DROP: Mum Saves Hungry Baby From Fall As She’s Getting Her Milk

This is the moment a quick-acting mother saves her hungry baby from a horrible accident after she topples head-down towards the floor from her crib while she prepares her milk.

The mum, named Ms Zhang in local media, said her baby daughter had leaned dangerously over the edge of the crib while she was warming her baby milk formula on the stove.

The near miss took place in Changzhou, Jiangsu Province, China, on 14th November.

CCTV footage shows Ms Zhang standing a few feet away from her baby girl and preparing baby formula – which apparently got the tot all excited as she realised food was on the way.

Mother catches baby falling from crib in Changzhou, Jiangsu in China, undated. It was not injured. (2500927280t/AsiaWire)

Ms Zhang said (in Chinese): “She was sitting on the crib and playing with toys, but then she stood up. Seeing me making milk powder, she was very excited and jumped on the bed.”

The baby soon starts rocking back and forth over the guardrail and seems to be giggling while watching mum prepare the milk bottle.

At one moment, the girl leans forward over the rail and falls out of the crib, heading straight for the floor.

Mother makes milk while baby stands on a crib in Changzhou, Jiangsu in China, undated. It then fell but the mother caught it on time. (2500927280t/AsiaWire)

Luckily, Ms Zhang turns her head at the exact second and rushes to catch her baby when she sees her.

Incredibly, the fast-moving mother is able to save her girl and prevents a terrible outcome.

Ms Zhang said that the baby was not injured, “it was just scared and cried for a while.”