TRAILER ASH: Hero Cops Save Man As Wildfire Engulfs Trailer Park

This is the moment police officers make a heroic rescue of a man trapped in his RV van amidst an ongoing massive fire.

Body-worn camera footage shows the officers attempting to save anyone they can while rushing through an RV park that is overwhelmed by smoke, while explosions can be seen going off in the background.

The incident, known as the Almeda Fire, is now proclaimed the worst disaster to have struck Jackson County, located in the US state of Oregon.

Officers rescue people from a fire in Jackson County, Oregon, USA on 8 September 2022. (Jackson County Sheriff – Oregon/Newsflash)

The footage is mainly comprised of Deputy Hall’s body cam, in which he can be seen discovering a man trapped in his trailer, desperately trying to exit through a small window.

Deputy Hall can then be seen immediately asking other nearby officers for help in getting the poor man out.

They can be seen jumping into action and quickly breaking the window’s glass and getting the distressed man to safety.

For their actions shown in the video, Jackson County Sheriff’s Office (JCSO) Deputy’s Justin Hall and Cody Ponder were presented Life Saving awards by the Governor’s office, Oregon State Sheriff’s Association, and JCSO.

The human-caused Almeda Fire, which took place on 8th September 2020, reportedly displaced, and rendered homeless, over 7,500 residents in a matter of hours. It reportedly destroyed more than 3,000 structures and killed three people.

Jackson County Sheriff’s office has released this video on 8th September 2022, which has been proclaimed as the Day of Remembrance in honouring the first responders’ service amid the great tragedy which took place that day, two years prior.