GUST AMAZING: Man Astonished As Good Samaritans Return Wad Of Banknotes Blown Away By Wind

Faith in humanity was restored when hundreds of banknotes scattered by the wind were picked up by passersby and handed back to their owner.

CCTV footage shows how a strong gust of wind scattered a huge wad of banknotes along a road in Kirikkale, central Turkey.

A man – not identified in local reports – had been carrying the TRY 8,000 (GBP 374) cash in hand while en route to a bank branch to deposit it in his account.

People collect money scattered around due to wind in Kirikkale, Turkey, Wednesday, Sept. 7, 2022. The money was then handed over to its owner. (Newsflash)

Footage filmed by a CCTV camera shows how the banknotes – worth more than a month’s wages – were scattered along the tarmac.

But astonishingly, pedestrians came to the rescue, picking up the flying bills one by one and returning them to their rightful owner instead of opportunistically running away with them.

The website reports that the net minimum wage in Turkey is TRY 5,500.35 (GBP 257) per month.